Smart Solution For Hotel
Djamal - Friday, 16 March 2018 11:18

Project Design

Video surveillance and access control management are indispensable parts of modern apartment management, so the design system topology is as follows:

CCTV system and Access Control System integration, the main function are as follows:

l  The 7/24 real-time surveillance video recordings are used in each branch's apartment to effectively protect the tenants' safety and unexpected accidents. The headquarters monitoring center takes events and alarm recordings.

l  The access control system manages the rights of the apartment's import and export, so that one person can have one card, go in and out with the card, put an end to outside illegal workers, and eliminate hidden dangers such as thefts and flyers that disturb the tenant's life;

l  Each member of the apartment enters and exits to use the card every time, and the back-end NVR is used to achieve the capture of the captured images. If an illegal entry occurs, the access control unites the acousto-optic alarm and monitors the NVR buzzer alarm of the equipment room to remind the room management person to implement visual alarm management.

l  The system supports remote CMS and mobile phone APP remote access, allowing managers to enjoy easy and feasible management methods, so that real-time supervision, insight into everything.

Modern video system                                  Traditional video system

Modern video system 

1. The headquarters conducts centralized management of the monitoring systems of each apartment;

2. Access Control Interacts with CCTV

Tradional video system

1. The video surveillance system is independent of each apartment.

2. Access control and CCTV independence.