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Analog Camera

Why Analog Camera 2Mp can not connect in UVR 2Mp??

Answer : to display it klik Main menu – channel – channel type – channel setting – 1080P


Why Analog Camera 2Mp can not picture in UVR 2Mp??

Answer : to display picture in UVR klik Main menu – general – video standart – NTSC



Why Babycam type KST 2 (expert) can not display in Hanphone but just the voice??

Answer : check the flexible cable problem


Why Babycam type KST-720P (smart) can not play using mobile data connection??

Answer : must be upgrade the latest firmware on camera



Why DVR can notrunning to the system??

Answer :DVR has bootloop, its solution reset the DVR component


How to connect the dvr online using ddns??

Answer : open port in DVR and IP public the internet register to DDNS



Why fingerprint type SPC 70 (smart) can not download the data using flashdisk??

Answer : try using a new flashdisk to be detect on the machine



How about connect frequensi SH 10 to SH 20 ..??

Answer : You can install software aplication in PC and connect to software use data cable 


IP Camera

Why the IP Camera onvifcan not connect in the NVR??

Answer : to connect it klik Main menu – channel – onvif – search IP



How to NVR connect to email notifications gmail or yahoo

Answer :to connect it klik Main menu –Network – email setting



Why modem type Huawei 3372 can not connect to UVR type eco 4 CH??

Answer : UVR eco series 4 CH not support using the modem type Huawei 3372