Retail camera CCTV
Djamal - Friday, 16 March 2018 13:36

u  Shop design ideas

        i.          The entrance and exit selects the number statistics camera to count the daily/monthly/annual flow of people;

       ii.          The area where the product is sold is selected HD network cameras to effectively prevent items from being stolen;

      iii.          Areas such as financial offices/warehouses are equipped with high-definition network cameras, infrared detectors, and acousto-optic alarms to ensure the protection of important assets and goods.

     iv.          NVR is used for direct recording and dial-up access through ADSL to achieve interconnection between shops and headquarters.

u  Headquarters design ideas

i.          CMS software is used for unified management and monitoring, any channel preview screen is called at any time, and event alarm recordings are set to achieve the dual protection of shop and headquarters core videos;

ii.          Remote handsets can preview and playback each shop's surveillance screens anytime, anywhere.

u  Network diagram

1.   Advantages

Ø  Human flow statistics

Ø  Unified management

Ø  Saving labor